About Us

ForecasTools was founded in 2013 to create advanced analytic and strategic planning applications targeted towards everyday business people in a wide variety of functions. Our goal is to eliminate the need for deeper data knowledge & advanced math background to work with relational insights that can be used to make better decisions & improve future outcomes. Our solutions are used to measure performance, calculate opportunity, publish goals, & monitor results.

Mark Guidry
CEO and Co-Founder

Mark is an accomplished analyst and information systems professional with over 30 years of supply chain experience and leadership in Retailing, Direct Store Delivery and Beverage channels. Mark has demonstrated the ability to deliver quality technology solutions that provide new insights into business performance for domestic & international clients.

Steve Lisbin
CTO and Co-Founder

Steve is recognized as a leader and innovating Software and Data Architect within Retail, Healthcare, Insurance and Government. He has successfully led software development and consulting projects worldwide and was an early pioneer in the design and development of web-based applications specializing in Business Intelligence and Visual Data Mining.