A Predictive Analytics Disruptor Announces New Partnership

Atlanta. (June 5, 2018) -- Atlanta-based ForecasTools confirms that it has entered into a non-exclusive, partnership agreement to provide its cutting-edge, predictive analytics application ForecasTools to iVEDiX, headquartered in Pittsford, New York. iVEDiX, which promotes itself as “the Digital Platform leader in cognitive analytics, personalized workflow and intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) solutions,” says its team is excited to offer ForecasTools solutions to current and future clients.

ForecasTools' co-founder and CEO, Mark Guidry, expects ForecasTools to be used in new and meaningful ways. “While our planning and forecasting tools are designed to serve traditional, for-profit entities, we also have an opportunity to serve the needs of “non- profits” focused on understanding how fixed and variable costs and conditions impact their overall mission objectives and the people being served.”

“Rapidly changing conditions can play havoc with the best-laid plans and budgets,” explains ForecasTools’ other co-founder, Chief Technology Officer Steve Lisbin. “However, after importing clean, operational data, ForecasTools can measure past performance and use different data sets to predict future performance on the fly. End-users can quickly generate forecasts for real- time or possible scenarios just by changing variables, in any browser, on any device.”

ForecasTools’ partnership with iVEDiX is increasing ForecasTools’ profile at a time when organizations face relentless pressure to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, boost customer satisfaction, and increase profits. “We welcome opportunities to support data- driven decision-making,” says Guidry. “The predictive analytics capabilities of ForecasTools are formidable.”

About ForecasTools, Inc. 
ForecasTools was founded in 2013 to create advanced analytic and strategic planning applications targeted towards everyday business people in a wide variety of functions. Its goal is to eliminate the need for deeper data knowledge & advanced math background to work with relational insights that can be used to make better decisions & improve future outcomes. Its solutions are used to measure performance, calculate opportunity, publish goals, & monitor results. To learn more, visit

About iVedix, Inc. 
iVEDiX is a digital platform that accelerates enterprise innovation by facilitating rapid deployment of unique visualization, analytics, IoT and workflow solutions. The suite of digital solutions – built on the iVEDiX Digital Platform – seamlessly integrate with existing data infrastructures and empowers users with extraordinary access and insights to their data. The platform combines rich visualizations, sophisticated interface options, and real-time updates to deliver an immersive data discovery and workflow experience. iVEDiX is headquartered in Pittsford, New York. To learn more, visit

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